Coffee Flavor Profiles


Characteristics of coffee flavor greatly depend on the variety of bean, where it’s grown, at what elevation and how it's processed and dried. Then it’s up to the coffee roaster to bring out the best in the flavor, taste and aroma! 

  • Brazilian Bold: Good, creamy body, chocolate, cocoa beans

  • Brazil Santa Christina Organic: Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Bright, Juicy, Peanut Butter

  • Burundi: Melon, rose, peaches, white wine, creamy body, caramel, green & red apple

  • Colombian Supremo: Bright acidity, chocolate, caramel notes, clean finish

  • Cordoba Royal: (Our House Blend) Chocolate, roasted nuts, ripe berry, balanced body and acidity, sweet aroma

  • Costa Rica Sonora (Honey Natural): Winey, berry notes, dried strawberry, lemon, chocolate, raisins, buttermilk, clean, balanced

  • Costa Rican: Malt, dark chocolate, medium body

  • Espresso Cold Brew: (used for iced lattes and frappes) Nutty, sweet, floral
  • Espresso: Dark chocolate, buttery sweet

  • Ethiopian Sidamo Organic: Lemon grass & grape, mild body

  • French Roast: Smokiness with hints of brown sugar

  • Guatemalan Acatenango Quisache: Vanilla, fig, floral, lime, syrup body, lively acidity, dark chocolate

  • Guatemalan: Sweet, cedar roasted nuts, balanced cup

  • Honduran: Citric notes with a caramel aftertaste, smooth body

  • Indonesian Java Blawan: Nice sweetness, clean, complex, cinnamon, chocolate, tobacco, grape, tangerine, balanced

  • Indonesian Sumatra: Strong cedar, consistent, balanced, sweet tobacco, winey, spicy, chocolate

  • Kenya AA: Complex floral and lavender, bright lemon acidity, sweet, very clean

  • Mexican Finca Guadalupe:  Chocolate, sweet, almond, honey, citrus zest

  • Mexican Mixteca Organic: Sweet, apricot, nutty, floral, medium body, well balanced

  • Nicaraguan: Crisp acidity, medium body, green grape, hay

  • Texas Pecan

  • Mexican Canella


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